Conveyco not only sells commodity chain such as RC-40 and RC-60, we also provide special types of chain for specific equipment. This includes RC-50 with extended pin for Accuglide and RC-100 with extended pin for Unisort V. All Accuglide and Unisort chain we sell is from the OEM.


Add to Quote Description C P/N Price
AG CHN RC50 W/EXT PIN CHN00002 Login to view
AG CONN LNK RC50 W/EXT PIN CHN00001 Login to view
CHAIN COUPLER RC 40 (QTY 2) CHN00005 Login to view
CHAIN RC-40 (Per ft) CHN00007 Login to view
CHAIN SIDEBOW RC-40 CHN00006 Login to view
Connector, Link, Full RC-100 CHN00004 Login to view
RC100 Chain 10 ft Matched Set for Sorter with Extended Pin CHN00003 Login to view
RC100 Chain 20 ft Matched Set for Sorter with Extended Pin CHN00008 Login to view

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