Convert obsolete mechanical sensors to photo eye sensors

The economical solution to improve your conveyor system

Accumulating conveyors not working correctly, causing product to push through zones creating side by sides and damaging cases?

Unable to convey and accumulate particular products because of size and weight?

Frustrated that you cannot run both totes and cases together on your accumulating conveyor with mechanical sensors?

Converting mechanical sensors to photo-eye sensors on your accumulating conveyors will accommodate operational changes, allow you to convey a broader range of product, and optimize system efficiency and resolve product conveying issues.

Benefits of converting to photo eye accumulation

  • Convey cases and totes on the same conveyor with no issues
  • Prevent cases from being damaged, getting side by sides, and reduce line pressure
  • Easy to switch from Singulation/Basic to Auto Slug/Progressive to Slug
  • No weight restrictions and eliminate product hang-ups
  • Easy to install, Option to wire 480V* to 24V power supply off conveyor motor
    *additional information maybe required to determine if 120V or 480V will suit the application

These photo eye sensor kits are universal and can be installed on conveyor made by these manufacturers:


Conveyor Belts Conveyor Chain
Belts Chain
Conveyor Driver Pad Warehouse Safety Garuding
Driver Pad Guarding
Conveyor Motors Conveyor O-Rings
Motors O-Rings
Conveyor Photo-Eyes Conveyor Reducers
Photo-Eyes Reducers
Conveyor Rollers Conveyor Sorter Parts
Rollers Sorter Parts