Conveyco not only sells commodity chain such as RC-40 and RC-60, we also provide special types of chain for specific equipment. This includes RC-50 with extended pin for Accuglide and RC-100 with extended pin for Unisort V. All Accuglide and Unisort chain we sell is from the OEM.


Add to Quote Description C P/N Price
RC100 Chain 20 ft Matched Set for Sorter with Extended Pin CHN00008 Login to view
CHAIN RC-40 (Per ft) CHN00007 Login to view
CHAIN SIDEBOW RC-40 CHN00006 Login to view
CHAIN COUPLER RC 40 (QTY 2) CHN00005 Login to view
Connector, Link, Full RC-100 CHN00004 Login to view
RC100 Chain 10 ft Matched Set for Sorter with Extended Pin CHN00003 Login to view
AG CHN RC50 W/EXT PIN CHN00002 Login to view
AG CONN LNK RC50 W/EXT PIN CHN00001 Login to view

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