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Preventative Maintenance

System Audits

Because we design and build material handling systems for the long term, they may eventually show signs of wear. Left undetected, worn system components can become points of failure, causing unanticipated downtime and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity. To prevent this, we offer the services of a Conveyco Certified Support Specialist to inspect and document the condition of our clients' systems, and follow up with a System Audit Report detailing recommendations for corrective measures.

A review of the System Audit Report by Conveyco's System Support Manager with our client includes a discussion of the potential points of failure in the system, the corrective measures that are recommended to prevent any failure, and all associated costs. Upon the client's authorization, we procure the necessary parts and deploy a Certified Technician to perform the work recommended.

  • Onsite facility consultation
    • Review of your system's current condition
    • Identify possible points of failure
  • Produce a post audit report
  • Deliverable: Post audit report pricing and components required for a reconditioned system

System Performance Audits

Over time, changes in any client's operation can cause inefficiencies that may negatively affect the performance of the original system design vis-à-vis today's requirements. To course-correct for these eventualities, we offer System Performance Audits. These involve a Conveyco Account Executive and our System Engineers conducting an onsite system consultation, leading to a comprehensive report of the findings. This report identifies:

  • Onsite review of your operation, touch points, and process by one of our experienced Engineers
  • Document labor saving opportunities
  • Investigate alternative uses for underutilized areas of the system
  • Identify any safety concerns
  • Discuss your business plans, any changes, and your current system's ability to accommodate them
  • List training issues that need to be addressed
  • Deliverable: Post audit report detailing the findings above and their associated ROI

System Audits

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